Our scientists recognize that no two cancers--and no two cancer patients--are the same. We focus on finding the weaknesses in an individual’s cancer, and then matching that patient with the most effective and least toxic therapies available.

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From a single sample taken from a patient’s tumor, SEngine scientists can discover which drugs or combinations of drugs are most effective in killing or disabling that individual’s cancer. Our test also reveals which chemotherapies will most likely not work in a specific case, saving patients time, money, and unnecessary side effects.  More importantly, our test will help oncologists determine the best treatment strategy or clinical trial for each individual patient.

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Beyond Sequencing

The unique approach of SEngine combines the results of its functional drug testing with thorough DNA sequencing and advanced bioinformatics in order to prioritize therapies that match patients’ individual genomic profiles. The end result is a comprehensive analysis and deep understanding of an individual’s cancer accompanied by an SPM Score and a proposed plan of action designed to assist the oncologist and the medical team in outlining a personalized treatment strategy.

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Personalized medicine starts with the understanding that no two cancers are the same. Your tumor is unique and must be treated as such. Just as Paris slayed the invulnerable Achilles, SEngine developed the PARIS® Test to find the hidden vulnerabilities of your cancer. SEngine employs high-throughput screening to test selected drugs and drug combinations on cancer cells extracted from your tumor. We combine the results with advanced bioinformatics to prioritize drugs that match your unique tumor profile.

Personalized: We are testing the drugs on your very own cancer cells.


Aimed: We find the Achilles’ heel specific for your cancer.

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Robotic testing allows us to rapidly test hundreds of drugs.

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Informatics: The large amount of data derived from your tumor is analyzed and carefully prepared for your oncologist.


Sequencing: Deep DNA sequencing helps determine which mutations are driving a patient’s cancer and should be targeted.


"SEngine Precision Medicine is on a truly innovative path. They are doing personalized medicine that will really make a difference for patients. "

--Dr. Barbara Goff, UW Professor and Division Director, Gynecology Oncology