Lee Hartwell


Board Member

Dr. Leland (Lee) Hartwell, former President of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research center (1997-2010), currently serves on the Board of Directors for SEngine Precision Medicine. He is director of the Biodesign Institute’s Pathfinder Center at Arizona State University. In recognition of the groundbreaking discovery of cell-cycle genes, Dr. Hartwell, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1987, received the Albert Lasker Award in 1998 and Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2001.  Dr. Hartwell discoveries opened a new field of cancer research and enabled the development of several targeted cancer treatments.  A foundational element of SEngine Precision Medicine’s solution for discovering cancer fighting drugs, stems from Dr. Hartwell pioneering research of synthetic lethality, a new concept for cancer drug development.  Dr. Hartwell experience in biotechnologies companies, includes the founding of Rosetta Inpharmatics, which was acquired by Merck Pharmaceuticals.