CLIA Certification

We are pleased to announce that the SEngine Precision Medicine Laboratory has received CLIA certification and is now, officially, the FIRST CLIA-certified, high-complexity clinical laboratory performing high-throughput, customized, drug chemosensitivity screening for ALL solid tumors, using live patient tumor cells.

Joint Press Release

Former Fred Hutch Tech Transfer V.P. Joins Seattle Cancer-Fighting Startup SEngine Precision Medicine as Chief Business Officer

Personalized Oncology Screening Results Validated in Method Developed by Seattle Cancer Research Organizations

SEngine + Fred Hutch

SEngine Precision Medicine Signs New Licensing Agreement with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


There are hundreds of drugs that treat cancer, and every patient reacts differently to each of them. That means doctors are often left in the dark when choosing which treatment to give a patient and patients often don’t get the most effective treatment for them.